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for hours with no luck as it happens, thats why I posted here.
I figured you had just spent five minutes and not really tried. My point was that I have no idea how to fix this without a reinstall (actually, have you tried system restore? that might work). I do in fact tell people to go search Google all the time. Some are so lazy that they come here, and ask a question that the first result from a Google search can answer. Basically, I won't spend hours searching on Google for you. I didn't realize you had already put time into Google. I was telling you to put a bunch of time into Google. Reinstalling would probably be an easier fix at this point.
You can also try various Microsoft searches, as they can be a good way to avoid the crap given by Google.

But if Google and MS haven't found anything useful, try System Restore or reinstall Windows XP. :2cents: