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Thread: NTSF or regular old fat32 ??

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    Hi all. Ok well i'm new to all this so could someone please tell me what is better to have for your HD, NTSF ( i hope thats how you spell it :shock: ) or Fat32 ?? and if i did change to NTSF would i have to re-install windows xp ? And also :roll: my HD has the main c:\ plus an Extended partition on the c:\ if i change to NTSF would i have to do this for the extended partition as well or would doing it on the c:\ just do it all together at once ?
    Well i hope this was not to confusing a question. I did say i was a newbee but learning :oops:
    Thanks all for any info

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    NTFS is the best way to go and the change can be done from within Windows without a reinstallation but you don't have to do the other partition.

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    Depends what you do with the computer. FAT32 is prefereable if you need an extra bit of speed. NTFS uses your hard drive better (files will take less space on the drive), can prevent errors and damage to the drive, among other things. FAT32 is considerably faster in many situations, though.

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