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Thread: Friends win98 having serious problems. Need help ASAP.

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    Has a P4 2.8, 512MB ram 2 hhds and on WIn98SE (all updates) with Norton AV (auto updated).

    He said his scandisk and defrag programs stopped working and the computer store he's gone to in the past said he might have a trojan. So he downloaded teh AVG removal tool and then the computer woldnt shut down. Now the computer wont load DOSMGR because of 'insufficient memory' and a "STACK error". We can get into safe mode, but thats it. I'm guessing that Windows is f-ed and has to be reloaded completely.

    THe computer worked fine otherwise until he downloaded AVG's virus removal tool.


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    Just my personal opinion, but I probably would have actually checked for the presence of a trojan before trying to remove one.

    If it has been a while since the last time the system was formatted and reinstalled, it would be best to just do it. Win9x usually needs a fresh install at least once a year on normal systems to keep it working properly. If backing up is an issue, you might be able to reinstall Windows over the existing copy and force an overwrite of major system files, but the updates would have to be done again.
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    Got it up and running. Still dont know WHY he tried to download the AVG remova tool since he uses NOrton. :?: THen again, he thinks its bad to close a browser unless teh ISP home page is up. :shock: :D

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