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Thread: Question about WinXP upgrade..

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    I'm getting a new comp, and just purchased WinXP Professional Upgrade. I also am getting a SATA hd, and have been told you cannot install Win98 onto a sata hd, and I intended on upgrading to WinXP Pro from Win98. In order to use the XP Upgrade, do I have to have Win 98 installed on my system, or is putting the cd in the drive during WinXP Pro Upg sufficient? In short, will I be able to install WinXP Pro on my new comp w/out installing Win98, since I cannot. Thx for the help.

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    Just format your hard drive, then start the intall process with XP Pro. At some point in the installation process, it will tell you that they could not find an authorized OS for upgrade, to insert the CD with the original OS on it. Once you do that, it will check the old OS CD, then prompt you to replace that CD with your XP Pro CD and the installation will continue. Best way to install XP anyway, instead of just doing an upgrade over a previous OS.
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    even if you could have installed 98 first its not recommended as it can cause all kinds of problems. best to just install clean
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    Not really.... You can reformat even if you use an upgrade CD. But it doesn't matter anyway... ;)

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