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Thread: Windows 2000 Server Accessing Shares Problem

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    Ok here is the deal me and my partner here at work have narrowed our problem down to this. We currently have a windows 2000 server on the network that has files that we would like to be able to access anywhere in the building from any computer in which where on. The problem is we have all of the computers on a single domain and the server is just on in its own workgroup. We have noticed that when we take a random computer off the domain and put it in the same workgroup as the server we can access shares fine but as soon as we put it on the domain and try to access the win2k server shares we get an "unexpected network error"(is what the message displays). So I'm thinking that we should just put the win2k server on the domain to and things will be fine, but in the past I guess there’s has been a problem of doing this because the win2k server wants to be the domain controller, when we already have a bigger better computer to do that for us. All we use the win2k server for is a web server and an IRC server and to share files. So what I am asking is there anyway to get around connecting to the shares on the win2k server without adding it to the domain or is there a way to add it to the domain and disable something that will prevent it from wanting to be the domain controller.

    sorry for the long post I just had to get it all out there. thanks for any input or help


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    I'm not really sure whether or not there is a way to make the server stop controlling the domain and just act as a member, but...

    You could just use regular 2000 or something as you don't need 2000 server to act as a web, IRC, or file server (in fact, there are no benefits to using a 2000 server if that's all you're doing). Hell, you don't even need Windows 2000. Linux, 98, XP, whatever, will all work fine even with an office full of Windows machines. If it's not controlling the domain or being used for Active Directory or whatever, it doesn't matter. You might need third-party programs you don't already have, but nothing that will cost money.

    Alternatively, you could just set up an FTP server or use your web server for file transfers. You would have to do any file transfers from the other machines through a web browser or FTP browser, but it would be just as easy as using Windows once you set it up. You would be connecting to the network IP of the machine, so could set up some sort of in-browser shortcut to the directory of the shared files.

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