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Thread: System Restore Not Responding, rstrui.exe process sticking around

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    Exclamation System Restore Not Responding, rstrui.exe process sticking around

    Hey everyone. I'll try to make this short and sweet.

    I regularly use System Restore to create a Restore Point just in case a rainy day should darken my skies. However, during my most recent attempt to make my Restore Point Safety Net, the System Restore application stopped responding.

    It happens exactly as I type in a name describing my restore point and click "Create." My mouse icon shows the busy Hour Glass, the "Create" button freezes in its "clicked" animation (it stays "pushed down") and the application status immediately changes to "Not Responding" under the Task Manager.

    After I End Task the crashed System Restore and try to load it again, I simply get a "background busy" mouse icon (arrow with little hourglass at bottom right) for a few seconds, and then it reverts to a normal arrow and no System Restore application appears. What DOES happen when I attempt this however is the "rstrui.exe" process appearing in the Task Manager and not subsequently disappearing as it should when System Restore fails to load.

    Hard drive space is not an issue and I commonly delete all restore points except the most recent one via the Disk Cleanup extended options for my main hard drive. (I have two hard drives connected if that matters at all, which I don't think it does) I also have no viruses present on my system. This is a very odd problem considering the dozens of times I've used System Restore in the past to create Restore Points with no problems.

    Anyone out there have any advice on what I can do to solve this issue? Is there a way to uninstall and reinstall the System Restore service so I can ensure the proper system files needed for it are intact and not corrupt? Is there anything at all I can do to make System Restore more reliable and less likely to crash if/when I get it working again?

    Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you all very much.


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    Unhappy Re: System Restore Not Responding, rstrui.exe process sticking around

    Hi, I think I'm suffering a similar problem. Only had the new PC a couple of weeks and it took a system restore because of my Alcatel USB modem and hasn't worked since. I'm wondering if AV and firewall are always 'noisy' and therefore stopping it. I've disabled and then enabled but it's no better. Are you still getting problems?

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