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Thread: Recover data from crash HD (HELP!!)

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    Default Recover data from crash HD (HELP!!)

    I need to recover some data for a friend. Since he's pretty computer illiterate...and i couldn't get much info from him... This is what I have gathered from booting up the system:

    SPECS: It's a 486 DX4/100 (wow i haven't seen these in a while), running on 16 RAM , a 400 GB HD.

    OS: some version of MS DOS (he said...he doesn't know which version)

    PROBLEM: the SYSTEM no longer recognizes the HD. I can hear the HD spinning up...the BIOS sees it...but it refuses to boot. When I did a FDISK and view the partition info... FDISK stated that it was now a NON-DOS PARTITION.

    SOLUTION / IF ANY: Is there a way to get the system to boot up normally again...or better yet, what software can I use to recover the data?

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    Default Re: Recover data from crash HD (HELP!!)

    One, I'm assuming you meant 400mb. Two, I'd just try putting the drive in another system as a slave and trying to read it from another OS.

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    Default Re: Recover data from crash HD (HELP!!)

    I agree with the slaving of the drive routine. If it works and you can see the data, you're buddy has fried the IDE channel of the mainboard. If it cannot be read from another machine, the hard drive is likely toast and the only real way to regain the data is to have it professionally recovered, but this is VERY expensive.
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    Default Recover data from crash HD (HELP!!)

    First make sure that did you had taken a backup or not! If you have then use that to get backup data which you want.

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