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Thread: HELP! Need to recover unsaved documents

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    Default HELP! Need to recover unsaved documents

    Sorry if I posted in the wrong folder

    My sister left the pc on with her documents unsaved, then a person jump unto the pc and restarted it. Now the documents which is alot unsaved gone. Is there anyway to recover 'em? :}


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    Default Re: HELP! Need to recover unsaved documents

    Do you mean she was working in a word processing program or something simlar and the computer was shut down before anything was saved to the hard drive? If that's the case, recovery is going to be very hard... Everything she had can still be found on the RAM, but that would likely take some sort of professional service as I don't know of any programs that read lost data in RAM.

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    Default Re: HELP! Need to recover unsaved documents

    Unless you have an auto-save function enabled, you're pretty much screwed. Any data left in RAM is considered unrecoverable if the machine has been rebooted. You've got two ways (if there was an auto-save feature enabled) to recover.

    1- Open up the word processing program fresh. It may tell you the program was shuit down improperly and that there was an unsaved document that it will try to recover.

    2- Go to the default storage folder of the word processing program and look for some sort of temp file there. Right click it and choose "Open with..." and choose your word processing program.

    Other than that, you're likely to be out of luck.
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