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Thread: All text in Windows... smeared... Virus?

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    Default All text in Windows... smeared... Virus?

    Ok, a few days ago i turn on the PC and it's working fine as usuall... go away for about 30 min and come back... and it looks like someone wet their finger and smeared all the text (not pic's just text) to the right! all of the text has a white "tail" on it.
    So i thought ok, I need to reformat the drive and install Windows XP fresh again because it's been a while. (i have 4 drives, C is only Windows)
    So i reinstall fresh and it's perfectly fine... i work for a little while and the "tails" come back!
    I've had all the same components for about 3 years now. The "tails" only appear while in Windows and not in the BOIS... so i'm thinking it's not a hardware problem.
    And because this has never happin before... the original drivers should not be doing this. SO, what could it be? could it be a virus that infected the other drives and once Windows is loaded again it transfers back over and f's it up? or what? this has got me stumped!

    Thanks all!

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    Default Re: All text in Windows... smeared... Virus?

    that could well be a hardware issue, it sounds graphic card related, I suggest your first goto your display settings in control panel, troubleshooting tab and turn down your hardware acceleration one notch at a time to see if the problem disapears ( usually a trailing mouse problem will go when you lower the acceleration by one notch )


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    Default Re: All text in Windows... smeared... Virus?

    Could you post a screenshot please? I'm not quite sure I'm understanding your problem completely. To post a screenshot, press Ctrl + Print Scrn, open up paint and paste the screen, save it and upload it with a post.

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