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Thread: What can I remove from Windows safely?

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    Default What can I remove from Windows safely?

    I am rapidly losing hard drive space on C: as my hard drive was badly partitioned. What can I removed from Windows that will not cause it to crash and burn?

    Does anyone know if I can uninstall Word and reinstall it on the D: drive?


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    Default Re: What can I remove from Windows safely?

    Word can easily be uninstalled then installed on your other drive.

    If you are in dire need of hard drive space, you can go into control panel, add/remove programs, then add/remove Windows components and get rid of what you don't need or want, the Windows games for example.

    If it's a bad partitioning job, just reformat, make different partitions, then reinstall everything, if it's a bad hard drive, then get a new one and reinstall. A bad hard drive has a real good habit of crashing totally on you when you need it the most
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    Default Re: What can I remove from Windows safely?

    For starters, run Disk Cleanup regularly, and consider compressing old files if it's an NTFS drive. Uninstalling word will be a huge start, though.

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    Default Re: What can I remove from Windows safely?

    bump to the above..

    you can remove almost anything you want to safely..

    anything under the "add/remove programs" can be removed. Be careful of the updates and anything you wanna remove that might be related to other programs.

    Be careful about selectively deleting any random file unless your sure you know what it is. I'm referring to *.dll's in this case.

    If something says it can't be deleted obviously its in use. What is it? Why's it in use..

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