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Thread: Dont count on the last MS security patch

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    The Register has the following

    Hmmmm....glad I'm now using linux....

    PS... they also have a work around for deleting MS Messenger and a warning about how M$ will trick you into reinstalling it.....hmmmmm
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    I got sick of patching IE a long time ago.
    Just use "safe" computing practices -- well for the most part anyway. (there was those zip files I got through WinMX - 15 Linux manuals $aved a fortune!)
    I mean, what's the point? The internet is not secure, wasn't designed that way.
    Biggest security measure I take for Windows is to disable NETBEUI over TCP/IP.
    You wanna' see what's on my HDD - go for it. No secrets.
    (If you want to get nasty though, please have a heart and leave my BIOS intact)
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