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Thread: xp Networking issues.

  1. Default xp Networking issues.

    I have always had networking issues. I never know how to fix them and I always gamble.

    I have 2 pcs on a 2 port router. After restarting pc 2 it will not connect to the internet without running the network setup wizard. while pc 1 works absolutely fine. Is pc 2 loosing its ip or something? How can I fix this and pervent feature problems?

    Any help is much apreciated.
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    Default Re: xp Networking issues.

    What brand/type of router?

    Could be that this is an issue dealing with the router and not your OS
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    Its a simens.

    I switched the ports to see if maybe one port was bad. Didnt work. I still have the problem. I also tried to assign each pc its own IP but I got confused.
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    UPDATE: After installing sp2 on (pc2) I have lost all ablility to connect to the internet. I cant login to my router from either pc. gets me no where. Is this a serious problem? Could my router be bad?
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    Default Re: xp Networking issues.

    Check your XP firewall settings.

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