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    In my previous post, i told you about the Loopy sounds and the freezing and stuff, well that happend again but it added a little twist. I could not open windows, after the Welcome screen it froze. After many reboots and stuff, it finnaly got trhough, but its going extremly extremly slow on boot up. Its taking like 5 mins to start up.

    What happend?


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    What does your Event Viewer show?
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    It must be loading something at startup that is dodgy, either malware or corrupt, I suggest you use msconfig and just strip out everything from startup section. See if it boots any better. If its still just as bad, then it will probably be a bad driver, in which case you need to add the line /SOS to your boot.ini file and then watch your XP install boot up, and visually watch for which driver causes the XP to freeze ( SOS option will make XP list all drivers as it tries to load them)


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    Instead of using msconfig to looks at startup items take a look at this:

    It will show you startup items not listed in msconfig

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    hey sorry for the long reply, it was the omega drivers that i downloaded. It got corrupted somehow and i wasn't able to restore my computer, so i reformated it.

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