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Thread: big problem

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    Default big problem

    ok guys, here is the big problem. I have 2 SATA drives in raid 0. (and 2 burners and 2 pata drives). I took my box to a mates place, and the network wasnt working too well so he decided to disable norton internet security and anti-virus...anyway i turned it off, turned it back on later and it worked alright, then the next time i could not log on at all, i would get "not enough resources to load your profile, loading default profile" , but that would not work...i tried safe mode, last known good config and the others in the F8 boot menu but i could not login. It would just freeze up at "applying your settings", and CTRL ALT DEL and trying to login as admin wouldnt work either.

    next day i took it to another mates to try and fix it, and i could get into my profiles (dont ask me why it suddenly let me in). however icons would be missing, the taskbar half gone, window titles transparent etc...all these dodgy visual effects. I have about 6gb worth of stuff on my C: (winxp drive) that i needed, so i thought i could copy them to another partition. When i tried to i got: "not enough quota to complete this command" or "not enough system resources to complete the request" errors. It seemed to half work if i moved 3-6mb batches, but i have .rar files that are 500mb+ that i need.

    i could not get to msconfig, task manager, or nero to burn my WinXP .iso. "not a valid Win32 application". whenever i tried to get to msconfig/task manager i would get "not enough resources" etc.

    i have tried to install WinXP corp edition, win2003 beta release candidate 2+3..but i get a "the cd has been damaged, or corrupt. PLease check your cd" blah blah. the WinXP repair doesnt help me either.

    my thoughts i have got some killer virus, which i need to get rid of. the problem is i havent backed up everything on my C:\ (my 2gb worth yr12 graphics .rar files still there) and i would like to keep that if possible. is a format of C:\ going to help get rid of this "corrupt/damaged cd" error?

    this all happened on tue/wed night and its really starting to piss me off.
    any ideas of what i can do? im quite happy to format but i would like to keep that stuff if possible. putting my hdds in another comp isnt easy as they are SATA.
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    Default Re: big problem

    If it really is a virus (which is possible, considering the number of problems and differences between them, not to mention the disabling of your AV program and the obviously-large amount of downloading you do), then it may very well be above your skill level to remove it. AV Programs, online scans, and even manual removal via Windows may be only steps in removing the virus. You might have to do things from outside Windows such as uninstalling services and deleting files (virus files, assuming you can manage to locate them). I'm not saying it's not impossible, or even that hard for someone who knows how to do it, but if it's a bad enough virus, it may be more trouble than it's worth, assuming you can get it at all.

    But it might just be an anooying virus that isn't that hard to remove. You'll have to work with Task Manager, HijackThis (sig) and services.msc to figure out if you have anything. I suppose an online AV scan from some of the major players in AV couldn't hurt, too.

    That said, these are all things that could be totally unrelated to a virus, or could be solved by entirely bypassing the virus, at some risk of later infection, if it's still on a drive you use.

    Are the RAID 0 drives actually holding Windows (and is there anything else on the same drive as Windows that you need?, or are they just for storage? If they don't have anything impootant, just reformat and reinstall from outside Windows (and there's no way a virus will stop this; it's a hardware problem if you can't get to it from outside Windows). If they do, you could try installing over your existing version, but there would still be risk of infection if the drive hasn't been completely reformated. I'd manually delete the entire Windows folder (from a DOS floppy or something similar) before reinstalling if you aren't reformatting, just in case. Remember that formatting will erase all of your data, so don't format C: and then reinstall Windows on it if you're trying to get files of it.

    There's still a pretty good chance that it's a hardware problem totally unrelated to viruses entirely. How exactly does the Repair Console not help you? Is it because you don't have anything to do from there, or does it simply not work in some way (in which case you're most certainly looking at a hardware problem).

    Also, what are your complete specs and setup? HDDs, their interfaces (SATA, PATA), letter assignments, file systems, sizes, and what's on each; OS and service pack(S); RAM type and amount; motherboard and processor; video card and any PCI devices (or anything of the sort); power supply brand and wattage; idle temperatures reported by the BIOS.

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