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Thread: screensaver won't start

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    I too had a problem with my screensaver not starting up after the specified interval. What was even crazier was that there were times when I'd reboot my desktop and the problem would magically correct itself. Unfortunately a short time later the issue would re-appear. I was at the point of checking into Bellevuew until I caught the solution on this thread.

    The solution indicated was "there was a problem with my mouse wheel" or something to that effect.

    Now, I have a wireless mouse and I got to thinking: "What if the radio signal from the mouse was fooling my computer into thinking there was activity even though the mouse was not physically being moved?" Lo and behold, once I moved the wireless mouse out of range of the receiver connected to one of my computer's USB ports, my screensaver was back to normal!!

    It's a funny thing because in almost every forum I visted to get advice on this problem, someone was mentioning stuff about video drivers and monitors etc, etc. I'm sure that in some cases these things could be factors, but I couldn't believe that the answer in most cases was gonna be that complicated.

    Computer's sure are picky sons of *****es. However, one good thing came out of all this razza-a-ma-tazz: I now have a sneaky way to remotely disable my screensaver functionality without actually changing anything in the desktop properties.

    I hope that this post helps others out there who are wrestling with their sreensavers!
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    I have the same problem and have called the manufacturers of my computer's mainboard (Intel) and wireless desktop set (Microsoft). I haven't been able to get either of them to take ownership of this problem. But I have managed to workaround the issue. On my wireless desktop set, my receiver has both USB and PS/2 ports. If I use the PS/2 ports, my screensaver and power settings behave normally. It's only when you use the USB ports that neither the screensaver or power options work. This seems to be a common problem because I've seen similar issues posted on other bulletin boards.
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    Well, here we are years later and this issue is still with us. I went the route off disabling all startup items but the screensavers and powersavers would still not start automatically. The PC is a brand new Acer with Windows Vista.

    So here's the culprit, the Microsoft USB Wireless Mouse. Once removed everything started to work.

    Also, I had this problem with the last system this mouse was used on. It was an older Gateway running XP but I never tried to fix it. If I set the screensaver time to 1 minute it would usually work. This was the same behavior with the Acer. Setting the time to greater than 1 minute and the screensaver wouldn't come on.

    Thanks for the thread and pointing out the wireless mouse. This has been with me for several years.


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