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Thread: Windows XP firewall slows my dsl

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    Default Windows XP firewall slows my dsl

    Hi there.

    The other day, my dsl connection slowed to a halt. I thought it was a virus and, seeing as how i was planning on doing so anyway, i reformatted.

    I reinstalled windows and installed the internet. It worked fine.

    Then i installed service pack 2, and i got the same problem. I found out that when i turned OFF the windows firewall, i had almost no connectivity, but when i turned it ON i had slower download speeds than usual. I want to know how i can turn off the firewall without having my internet screwed with by windows. I have verizon online dsl with a westell wirespeed moded through a USB.

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    Default Re: Windows XP firewall slows my dsl

    You turned the firewall off through the Security Center in Control Panel, right?

    You could try replacing it with a different firewall, such as Zone Alarm. I wouldn't want to be on Internet without any firewall, and since you probably have no hardware firewall, you'd have to se software.

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