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Thread: Need help formatting computer

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    Default Need help formatting computer

    I just built a new computer AMD Athlon XP 3200
    1 Gig RAM, 200 Gig HD, Radeon 9800 pro
    Well my problem is that I am having trouble running any type of computer game i'll get about two minutes into it and then my computer will restart.

    So I want to just format both hard drives and then reinstall everything one at a time so that I can discover the problem, but my computer won't let me.

    Whenever I put my WIN XP disc in and restart my computer it gets about 1 min into the setup screen and then i get the bsod with an error message BAD_POOL_HEADER
    STOP: 0x00000019...

    Please Help Me!

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    Default Re: Need help formatting computer

    This maybe an indicator as to your original problem.
    Firstly, is your memory voltage set right for that particular memory (2.7-2.8v won't hurt anyway) and have you tried MemTest86+ on it?
    Secondly, have you checked your drive jumpering and run the manufacturer's diagnostics software on them to check for faults?
    Thirdly, have you made sure that the HSF is properly seated on top of the CPU?
    Forthly, what rating is your PSU and did you check the Event Viewer for red flagged errors under System and Applications?

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    Default Re: Need help formatting computer

    yep, bad pool header usually means three things.

    1) Your PSU is supplying too much or too little power.
    2) Your ram is defective ( if you use 2*512 then try them one at a time on their own )
    3) One of your ram slots on the Motherboard is defective, so not only try one memory stick on its own, try it in different slots too!


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    Default Re: Need help formatting computer

    Thank You for all the help.

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    YEa dude i had this problem one time because of faulty ram. U have to take it out and then reformat. =(
    my view on the two party system...

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