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Thread: WinXP won't shut off

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    the F5 trick: press F5 when you are prompted during install to press F6, remember, have ACPI/APM enabled in bios to start that correct driver support is installed...

    anyways a little list should come up and from there u choose "Standard PC"

    this disables the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) that MS started using on win2k/xp, it is meant to be an intuitive system that determines correct resource settings for your system devices and then allocate them accordingly, however, this is where majority of people have performance issues, because for some wacked out reason HAL puts everything on the one IRQ just about...

    so u can see this is one of the reasons many people had issues with an SB Live and other stuff (ask silencer ;) ) devices fight over the IRQs...

    if you choose "Standard PC" it will then allow the bios to control the IRQ settings, it doesn't mean u can change it within windows, but atleast u can go and mess around with things in the bios, and the OS WILL take it!

    if you do this i suspect your problem will be gone, either because of an inconsistency in your installation, or becoz of the F5 trick...remember if u do that to enable apm support in the apm tab in control panel>power settings...


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    Hey Darth,

    I've been installing XP on a lot of peoples machines at work lately and I've noticed that it reacts oddly to network cards. Now I am assuming you have one installed so give this a try...

    1. remove the NIC drivers
    2. remove the nic itself
    3. kill all network related functions

    see if that does it... it's not a permanent fix but atleast if it solves the problem... you've found the root

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