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Thread: Brand Laptop vs. Non-Brand Laptop

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    Default Brand Laptop vs. Non-Brand Laptop

    Brand Laptop vs. Non-Brand Laptop

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    I am deciding to get a new or used laptop for school. It is mostly for internet, word processing, and chatting. I am willing to pay around 1000 Can for the laptop.


    I am not sure if laptop with a brand name is better than a laptop with no brand name. But one thing for sure, those Dell, Compaq, IBM… are much more expansive than the ones with no brand.


    Can you guys list some of the advantages and the disadvantages of both Brand and Non-Brand laptop?


    I really need you guys’ help.


    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Brand Laptop vs. Non-Brand Laptop

    One of the main advantages to purchasing a "name brand" machine is for the service and support that comes with them. If you have the opportunity to get a no-name laptop but can get one of the local shops to service it for you, you should have little problems in that department. It is even better if you can buy the machine from one of those local shops and they offer the support as a part of the deal.

    Otherwise, it all depends on the folks who made the machine as to whether it will be all right or not.
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    Default Re: Brand Laptop vs. Non-Brand Laptop

    I personally would go on user experience.

    If there is genuine positive feedback regarding the non-brand lappy and its specification is right for your needs then I would consider non brand. Having said all that, im typing this on a Dell 8200!

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