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Thread: Video lost during windows boot - works fine in safe mode

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    Default Video lost during windows boot - works fine in safe mode

    - RMA'd A8N-SLI Deluxe
    - RMA'd Ultra X-Connect
    (full specs below)

    Anyhow, got it all put back together, Windows failed to install "System" on the first try but a 2nd attempt seemed to install just fine. Couple of issues though.

    - Video displays ok in bios and during the beginning of XP Logo screen, then after 1 pass or so on the progress bar the screen flickers slightly and goes dark. Monitor is still powered up but stays dark indefinitely (I suspect that windows is continuing to load normally though I can not see anything on the screen). Safe mode is the only way i can get past the windows load screen without losing my video.

    Couple of other odities:

    - If I enter the LAN Cable Status screen the Bios freezes and will not respond to input (reset is only way out).
    - USB mouse will not work at all, had to use PS/2 port.

    What I've tried:

    - installed video and mobo drivers from safe mode - no luck
    - default Bios settings - no luck
    - PCIe display enabled in Bios - no luck
    - SLI card is set to single
    - No luck with auto/single SLI settings in BIOS
    - re-seated video card
    - motherboard waterblock prohibits me from trying the card in the 2nd slot

    Not sure if any of this will give ya'll some clues but that's all I can think of as far as symptoms. Any suggestions what to try from here?

    AMD 64 3500+ .90 / Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe / (512x2) OCZ EL PC-3200 Platinum Rev. 2 DDR / Asus AX800XT PCIe / Ultra X-Connect 500w / WD Raptor 74GB SATA 10,000 / Koolance Exos (CPU/GPU/MB) / Audigy 2 ZS / Klipsch Ultra 5.1 / Lite-On 832s DL / Thermaltake Tsunami / NEC FE-950+ / Logitech MX-1000

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    Default Re: Video lost during windows boot - works fine in safe mode

    You could try a different PSU entirely. That 500W isn't going to be enough for this system if you're going to overclock it, but it should at least get past where you are now, so I don't know that it's really a problem. Either way, I'd suggest something more along the lines of 550W or 560W from Antec or Thermaltake.

    Other than that, human error or a bad motherboard are the most likely problems. You can try a few other things, such as removing the sound card and using and IDE drive, but that might not fix it. You could also try using a different video card, assuming you just happen to have another PCI-E video card.

    BTW, why are you using an SLI-incompatible card in an SLI board? A 6800GT/Ultra would probably be better, anyway, and it seems kind of wasterful to spend $260 on an SLI board if you aren't even using SLI but clearly have the money it would cost.

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    Default Re: Video lost during windows boot - works fine in safe mode

    That is a bad power supply, recieved a 3 out of 10 from Max PC I think. Novel idea, but it failed many stress tests.
    Case: Thermaltake Xaser III // Power Supply: Thermaltake Butterfly 480w // Motherboard: Chaintech 9CJS Zenith // Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 C // Heatsink: Vantec Aeroflow // Video Card: Asus 9600 XT // Harddrive: Western Digital Raptor 36.7 GB // DVD Burner: Pioneer DVR-A06 // Soundcard: Audigy 2 // Speakers: Logitech Z-680's

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    Default Re: Video lost during windows boot - works fine in safe mode

    sounds like some incompatibility issues. With not much time to come up with a solution I can only suggest a couple things that might be the problem. check to see if the mobo has a via chipset if so then install the via 4in1 drivers. make sure that your version is up to date I know that xp sp1 had updates for the usb and the like because I required these to get my adsl modem working correctly.It might also be worth turning down the hardware accelleration to see if this is an issue. remove all the unnecissary cards and boot the machine as it might be a powering issue then add cards back in slowly if you dont have any problems and then you might be able to locate what is causing the issue.

    It is also a good idea just to remove the drivers alltogether in safemode and restart it should then prompt for the new drivers as you restart and put them back on then this way it might get back into windows without being in safe mode.


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