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Thread: NTKRNLMP.EXE / NTLDR not found

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    Unhappy NTKRNLMP.EXE / NTLDR not found


    A month ago i got a new dvd rw cd drive, when i installed my pc loaded fine and got to windows, 5 minutes later somthing shuted down, the monitor seemed to be suspended or something, then i got to restart my pc, the monitor keep the same way. my firsth impression whas the monitor had toasted itself, tested a friend's monitor and it happened the same thing, the pc int even show me the an image, i waited for 2 days and turned my pc on "it worked" when it passed 5 minutes while chatting on msn whit a friend it happened the same thing, i assumed that it cuald have to be whit the hardware, i adquired a new hardisk and instaled it, the problem persisted so i unpluged my pc for a week, two weeks ago i turned my pc on againd and sa it worked fine, so i got to the bios and changed the configurations, it worked and the last problem never happened againd, so i tried to enter windows, i showed me a black screen after boot screen, that said "could not load system dlls for windows" or something like that so i tried to reinstall windows but all cds said the same after passing the checking windows executive prompt, during kernell debuger prompt, i got " could not find ntkrnlmp.exe, code 7" then i got another cd that showed me another diferent error,"could not find ntldr" then i got to the boot disk (the 6 disks) during third disk i got the same error code 7, then i got to turn my hard drive cache off during repair, but it only passed the kernell to find another error (forgott code 4).

    help... i dont want to delete my hard drives....

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    Default Re: NTKRNLMP.EXE / NTLDR not found

    Boot of the XP CD, go into the recovery console, and type fixboot.

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    Exclamation Re: NTKRNLMP.EXE / NTLDR not found

    this is one of the most traumatic things that had ever happened to me....

    dint even had to repair the windows not even reinstall it.

    dont know the cause of the problem yet

    but the solution is to, just to simple

    i got home after a exam at the university, so i was borred and tired, instead of goin to sleep i decided to got to the phone and call a friend and ask her how did she go in the exam. mean while i whas just watching my pc standing untouched for a week so i decided to open and do something...

    THOSE HO HAVE ERROR CODE 7 "NTKRLMP.exe" whit windows XP Pro !!!!!

    just switch the rams slots................. dont buy new rams dont change them just switch slots.

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