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Thread: partitioning options for XP???

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    Default partitioning options for XP???

    hey guys! I'm just about to format/reload my XP Pro and would love some input from you gurus about the best way to go as far as sizes of partitions and stuff like that. I've also heard that it best to put the "documents and settings" folder on an other partition other than the windows one, is this true and if so how do I do it???

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    Default Re: partitioning options for XP???

    The sizes of your partitions really depends on personal tastes and what you want to do. I generally create a 20GB partition for WinXP and Office. This also gives me plenty of room for any sized swap file necessary as well as plenty of space for any of those programs that don't like being installed on another partition. From there I creat partitions sized for effective deployment of any other OSs I want to play with in a multi-boot system. Sometimes I use these and sometimes I don't, it just depends on what I'm using that particular box for. Finally, I use the leftover space for storage of music/movie files and any important data I want to keep. I also install most of my games on this partition so that I can simply reformat the C:\ drive and replace the shortcut on the desktop to play them again after I reinstall the OS. Some games don't like this but many have no problems with this setup.
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    Default Re: partitioning options for XP???

    I've heard good sides and bad sides of partitioning.....Some of my other friends partition their drives into stores only windows stuff(dll's, exe's, reg, ect) and the other stores all installed items(games, programs, ect)the advantage to that is you can jus reinstall windows and not lose all your game data(to a point) the disadvantage is that you lose your info that was in the Registration(as it's on the OS partition) but if you make a backup of it b4 you format, theoriticlly that should fix that issue.

    To partition there are programs out there. One is called Partition Magic...or you can google a little and use the command promt to do it

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    Default Re: partitioning options for XP???

    You can also establish your partitions when you do your reinstall of XP as part of the setup process.
    I also keep all of my documents on one of the other partitions instead of the one with XP on it.
    To move "My Documents", just right click on it, select "Properties" and change the target path.
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