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Thread: Strange Issues with the Start Menu and Taskbar...

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    Default Strange Issues with the Start Menu and Taskbar...

    Hi Guys,

    I have a strange issue occuring with my Start Menu and Taskbar. When I perform the following steps the problem will occur:

    • Right click on Taskbar
    • Select Properties
    • Click on Start Menu Tab
    • Customise Button
    • Clear List Button
    • Advanced Tab
    • Clear List Button
    • Ok Button
    • Ok Button

    After I perform the above actions I find that I cannot get any response from my Start Menu or Taskbar when I click on them. It feels like there is some background processing that is taking place that is preventing me from doing anything with the Start Menu and Taskbar. After about 5 to 10 sec then I'm able to interact with Start Menu and Taskbar.

    I did a clean install on Windows thinking that this would have resolved the problem but it didn't.

    I have tried the above procedures on other machines and the moment I click on Ok and quickly click on the Start button and Taskbar they respond instantly without having to wait for about 5 to 10 sec to see delayed reponses like my machine.

    Have any of you guys experienced this problem?
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    Default Re: Strange Issues with the Start Menu and Taskbar...

    How do you press Clear List twice without operning any documents (since clicking advanced tab doesn't involve opening any documents, unless you proceed to do so)? It should be grayed out after you click it once. That's the part I don't quite understand in your description.

    As for the pause, it should only occur on computers which are either lower-end or have a lot of background stuff running, and even then there will probably need to be quite a few recent documents. What are the specs on this particular machine and one of the other's it does not occur on?

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