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Thread: backup office 2003 for reinstall of xp pro

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    Default backup office 2003 for reinstall of xp pro


    I'm new to this forum, so hello to everyone. I looked around a bit but I could not find any information on here, (I know how frustrating it is to read threads over and over that ask the same questions).


    My qestion is regarding a fresh/reinstall of winxp pro. I don't have any problems with understanding how to reformat and install xp, I've made the slipstreamed cd with sp2.

    I have an oem version of office 2003. It's legal, but I can only install it once or twice. I've had to call microsoft for a new key for xp home when I ran that. I don't want to be on the phone for an hour.

    Is it possible to completely reformat my hard drve, and do a fresh install of both programs. How can I back up office so I dont have to call MS?
    If there are legal issues with posting a reply to my question, or backing up office, then just inform me and I'll bite the hypothetical bullett.

    Again, just to restate my question (I know I talk too much) can I back up office 2003 in any way so I don't have to call MS?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: backup office 2003 for reinstall of xp pro

    My recommendation doesn't help much in your current situation, but it can make a difference to prepare you for the future.

    After you get everything set up (yes, even the fresh install of Office AFTER activation is complete), make an image of the C:\ drive and burn it to CD. Norton Ghost is an excellent utility to perform this and it will make a perfect copy of the drive (I use it for forensic images at work).

    I'll let someone else help out with your immediate problem as I use the 2000 version and it doesn't require any activation.
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    Default Re: backup office 2003 for reinstall of xp pro

    thanks for the information, I never really thought about that. Hopefully I get an answer, or tommorow I will be dealing the devil that is MS.

    I should probably start a new thread for this question, but I'm already here.

    I have some scsi drives and want to run linux on those, any information about configurations will be greatly appreciated. I haven't used scsi very much, I'm assuming I will basically decide which HD to boot from in the bios.
    I am not planning on putting any other OS on the raptor (just the XP pro and office).

    thanks again
    I found out this from another site (sorry I forgot the link)
    actually two sites said the same thing, that these files are from the activation:

    located in C:\documentsandsettings\allusers\applicationdata\m icrosoft\office\data


    there was another possible: data.dat

    It doesn't appear to be illegal to post this info. or use the files for a re-install.

    any opinions on the validity of these files working for the re-install?

    my setup: abit ai7 mobo
    p4 [email protected]
    1 gig. OCZ ram
    1 wd raptor 74g installed (no other HD installed)
    1 cd-rom and 1 dvd rom drive
    400 watt power supply
    M-audio delta 410 soundcard
    klipsch promedia 5.1

    I found the files, there is a program, I believe tweakxppro, that will automatically find them, I think the name is wrong but I got the program from major geeks if anyone needs it.
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