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Thread: Recovering lost data off NTFS

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    Default Recovering lost data off NTFS

    Ok, I really need some help. I was trying to get rid of some pr0n adware with AdAware and it asked if it could run on startup because it couldn't end a certain process. On startup, I could boot to the login screen (sorry, this is XP Pro BTW) but after logging in the computer would hang on the background. I think explorer.exe was having trouble starting up because eventually it would go to the normal screen but there wouldn't be a toolbar to use. System restore refused to run under any conditions. I did a lot of stuff to play around with it until I stumbled on a fabulously moronic solution: why don't we enable normal startup! I didn't realize until it was too late that this was enabling every piece of spyware and process that I'd disabled since getting the computer a coule years ago. So for all practical purposes my OS is dead and the hard drive needs to be reformatted. This is not my problem though.

    The main problem is how do I get data off that hard drive before reformatting? Only the OS is screwed up and I have a LOT of savegame data, music, and documents I need moved off. A couple of solutions I've been tossing around on hearsay are:

    1) Reinstall XP. Can someone who has done this tell me if it could fix my problem and whether it would clear out my documents or anything like that?

    2) Toss the hard drive into another computer. I have an old throwaway computer with 98SE on it but my HD is in NTFS. Conceivably this could be upgraded to 2000 briefly for the purposes of accessing it. Alternately, I could put it in my parent's new Dell. My big worry is: will the computer boot up the normal OS on startup, and will whatever spyware is on my bad hard drive spread to the new one? If so, is there someway to temporarily castrate the old one so I can copy the needed data to a different computer for burning?

    If anyone has any other ideas in addition to these, please post! Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Recovering lost data off NTFS

    There are a few options here so lets look at them.

    1- Go ahead and slave the drive to your Win9x drive (assuming this drive is set up with your current hardware configuration). If you do a quick Google search, you'll find a few good utilities that allow access of NTFS drives through a Win9x platform. Just make sure to get one that allows you to copy files and not just view them.

    2- Use your folk's machine and slave off the drive. The spyware is generally set up to kick in at startup so your folk's machine won't have this enabled. Below is an even better solution though:

    3- Use any number of external devices that work with a 3.5" hard drive. Thermaltake and Vantec are two companies that have products that I've tested in the past and both work very well. They will all work with USB and some will also allow you to use Firewire to transfer data. The primary advantage to using one of these devices is that you can boot up another machine normally and then add in the external drive. With any WinME or higher machine it will automatically install it as a removable storage device and assign it a drive letter... without accessing any adware that might be hiding on the drive. Just copy and paste your important data and then reformat.

    There are some others as well but these three are all pretty simple and effective.
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    Default Re: Recovering lost data off NTFS

    Thanks Darthanion, I found a program that'll read the NTFS on the 9x and that will take care of the problem!

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    Default Re: Recovering lost data off NTFS


    I would like to add you can restore some important data even if it is erased. Mighty data recovery tools can really help you in this case. Among them I can pose out Active@ Undelete and Uneraser(for DOS) Their algorithm is really powerful, it never failed me before.

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    Default Re: Recovering lost data off NTFS

    This program also rocks:

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