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Thread: Problems with viewing items on certain webpages

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    Default Problems with viewing items on certain webpages

    I am having problems viewing items on certain web pages with my Windows XP browser. I have tried installing various plug-in programs such as Quicktime, Macromedia shockwave and flashplayer and Java but still not able to view items.

    The website I first noticed it was when trying to view a video from: It didn't concern me at that point because I didn't really need to access those.

    Now I need to access some homeschooling resources for my daughter which I also am not able to. It brings up the exact little red X in the top left hand corner instead of the picture or video etc. that needs to come up.

    I called Dell for support but they say they can't help because it is a plug-in issue and they said my internet settings are probably blocking it.

    Can anyone please help me with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Problems with viewing items on certain webpages

    Make sure to install Windows Media Player 10. That may help if you're not getting video.

    Before doing that, though, try installing Mozilla Firefox. It's an alternative to Internet Explorer. It may view the web pages correctly. If it does not even after WMP10 is installed, it will at least help narrow down the problem.

    Also, what (if any) firewall and antivirus software are you running?

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