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......., he has a legal copy of windows for that computer, so why should he have to buy another one if he has used the key more than 2x? .......
The simple answer to that is ........ he doesn't, if it is Home or Pro. My bet is that Nefarious has had a copy of Pro Corporate loaded to his pc, hence the VLK, anyone with an ordinary version of XP (not corporate) does not have a VLK restriction, if hardware changes or formatting uses the number of first allocated activations you simply phone the number you are prompted to phone, Microsoft will give you a string to input and you're good to go once more.

Now if you are talking about installing it on two different pc's then you run into the EULA from Microsoft regarding their " one XP, one pc" theory, but it must be realised that this is a tad misleading in itself, as you can use the same copy on a Laptop, to the best of my knowledge this is still allowed.

Lastly, with the advent of the imminent Vista release I can purchase XP Pro Upgrade here for $A98.00, approximtely $US75.00 which is hardly expensive, I bought two copies on the weekend, one for my boys new pc and one for my next build (I'm going to wait a while before jumping on the Vista bandwagon as the first year after release is usually dedicated to bug fixes )