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Thread: A Question about Win XP "Upgrade" retail boxes

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    Default A Question about Win XP "Upgrade" retail boxes

    What I want to know is:
    From a freshly reformatted and blank harddrive, can I install and run the cheaper "Upgrade" package of XP? I do have an old copy of Win ME in my name (the reg code) but I don't have the disc to reinstall it. Also, of course, I wouldn't want to install ME again just to install XP over it.

    In 'hypothetical' terms, lets say I bought a store-built POS system back in late 2000. This system came with Windows ME, and had the offical product regestration type number stickered onto the case. It didn't come with the actual WinME disc, but one of those crappy store-brand update discs.

    Since then, I've replaced every single thing but the keyboard and monitor, and that includes the case and the OS. Friend of a friend gave me an unofficial XP disc, which has worked well enough for a long time.

    But, lets say I want to go legit, and get an official copy. But I don't want to go broke doing it (I'm a starving student now). I still have the case with the WinME sticker on it in storage.

    I want to buy the cheaper upgade retail box, and install it on a blank HDD, and I do have the serial number and registration to an old copy of Windows ME that I haven't used in almost four years. Can I do it? Or should I just see if I can find that friend of a friend again for a more up to day copy?

    Your help would be appreceated.

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    Default Re: A Question about Win XP "Upgrade" retail boxes

    you can install XP upgrade direct from the cd, make the cd rom first boot device in the bios, pop the XP cd in the rom drive, reboot, hit any key to boot from cd when prompted, and follow the prompts ......... at one stage of the install you will be asked to insert a genuine Windows disk to verify you actually own a Windows disk (any windows disk except 95 will work, you do not need a keycode or anything, just the disk) when it does, pop it in, follow the prompts, install XP.

    You most definately do not want to install ME (Microsofts Error) and upgrade it to XP, that way you will take all the ME baggage to your new XP install. Follow the steps I have shown and all will be well.
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