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Thread: Windows XP Pro problem - where's Microsoft Word gone?

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    Default Re: Windows XP Pro problem - where's Microsoft Word gone?

    Yeah, I have installed all the drivers from the disks - but not the most up to date ones as they caused me to get the 'blue screen of death'

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    Default Re: Windows XP Pro problem - where's Microsoft Word gone?

    Thats not good!

    The reason your MS Word Document files show up as Wordpad files is becuase Wordpad is a program that comes with Windows and it would be the closest match to MS Word which is a seperate program thats not included with your operating system. You can do much more with MS Word versus Wordpad.

    To narrow down your system restarts you can do a number of different things. If you suspect your system Ram as the culpret, then I suggest that you swap your system ram modules back and forth by only using one module at a time to see if that stops your restarts and other problems. It's possible one of your ram modules is failing.

    I haven't seen a harddrive cuase restarts before but I suppose its possible. Its suspicious that the problem only occured after you installed your new harddrive but I'm guessing the harddrive isn't what is cuasing your restart problems.

    Your PSU seems a little weak but if your system came with that PSU from the systems manufacturer it should be enough unless adding extra drives and extra memory, ect was just enough to bog it down. A failing or insufficent PSU can cuase restarts.

    There are other things that can cuase system restarts such as bios settings, cables, shorts, incompatable or defective hardware or software. Software I should mention can cover alot of ground such as drivers or viruses. You should get your driver updates from your system\mainboard manufacture's website.

    As for the blue screen of death you talked about, you might have had a code on that screen that could have provided you with usefull information. You might also be able to find usefull info in the event viewer in Win XP if you can get Windows to boot back up. If not you could try restarting in safe mode to see what you find.
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