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Thread: A quick question

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    Default A quick question

    I have a quick question:

    Recently I did Windows update on my HP Laptop. I was having a lot of problems with XP, but I seem to have them all under control after some persistance - Anyway, I was downloding some videos from a website and I notice that instead of the .mpeg/.mpg extension, it has a .mps extension. It opens in Windows Media Player with a dialog box that says it cannot recognize the extension but can play the video, and it has a checkbox that says do not remind me for this extension (or something to that effect). It doesn't bother me because my videos play and thats all that matters in the end, but I was curious as to why it says .mps when it is supposed to say .mpeg/.mpg, etc.

    When I mouse over a movie link it says in the status bar something like this:

    But when I right click and save-as it saves as this:

    I'm just curious as to why it does this and if it is reversible, and if it's not it is OK....

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    Default Re: A quick question

    Ok. It doesn't matter what it saves as, it could be a .ass extension as long as it plays. I was just concerned because before I updated it would save as .mpeg and now it's saving as .mps. But as long as it's not anything crucial or anything that harm my system, it's fine by me. Thanks again...


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