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Thread: Need Advice about SP1 and SP2

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    Question Need Advice about SP1 and SP2

    I have two Microsoft CD's:

    1. Windows XP "Service Pack 2" (received July 2004)....don't have SP1 CD (would SP2 also contain SP1)? Makes sense that it would.
    2. Windows "Security Update" (dated Feb. 2004).

    The "security update CD" makes no mention of SP1 or SP2, it it something completely different? What's the security software update for? I thought that's what SP1 and SP2 were. I'm confused as you can tell.

    Should I install both "SP2" and the "Security Update"? What about SP1?

    Note: HP warned us owners about installing SP1 (see below).

    "Alert: Windows Update has detected that your computer is a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion desktop or Compaq Presario desktop PC with Windows XP pre-installed. After you install Windows XP Service Pack 1, you might encounter an issue with the PC System Recovery utility. If you use this utility to perform a non-destructive system recovery, you might be unable to start your computer. Recovering from this error requires a full destructive system recovery, which results in the loss of all user data. Hewlett-Packard will release an update to the PC System Recovery utility soon. When you install that update, this alert will no longer appear in Windows Update. Please refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article Q329450 for additional information.
    For more information about this issue, read Microsoft KB Article Q329450".

    "Follow these instructions to avoid PC problems that could occur if you install Windows XP SP1. You can install the HP patch before or after you install Windows XP SP1. After you download the file, double-click the SP1RcvryFix.exe file to begin extracting the HP patch files. A message appears: "This update resolves the incompatibility between Windows XP Service Pack 1 and your PC's Standard recovery" (sometimes referred to as non-destructive recovery), and they say after the install"....and,

    "WARNING: If your system does not start, you may be required to do a Standard recovery, if the patch is not successful. This may cause some personal data, and software to be removed. If possible, back up any personal data you have before running a recovery. Software that has been added to the system will have to be re-installed. A Full system recovery (sometimes referred to as destructive recovery) will erase all data and the system will be returned to its original state, at time of purchase"

    "Microsoft has since released a more recent service pack (SP2?). If you still wish to use SP1 and not more recent service packs, you should download and install the patch from your product support page in the software updates section". This is confusing to me....

    and there's more...I just didn't want to copy and paste too much here. More can be found at: SP1RcvryFix.exe I assume.

    Sounds like trouble for HP owners like me!!

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    Default Re: Need Advice about SP1 and SP2

    I have nothing useful to add other than I hope you learned your lesson and never ever again buy a name brand PC. You can build a much better one for less money by yourself and not run into this kind of crap. If I were you, I would backup all my important data, install the security update and then SP2. Your SP2 disk contains the fixes on SP1. You really should contact HP and pray you get a person with a brain that can help you figure out your situation.
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    Default Re: Need Advice about SP1 and SP2

    keep all of your stuff backed up and then a destructive system recovery wont be a problem.
    install sp2, it provides alot of updates over XP and XP SP1
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    Default Re: Need Advice about SP1 and SP2

    Modern gfx drivers will not function correctly without sp2.
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    Default Re: Need Advice about SP1 and SP2

    Quote Originally Posted by maximus7001
    Modern gfx drivers will not function correctly without sp2.
    You just made that up. I have six systems in my room running the latest versions of their video card drivers on SP1. One is S3 integrated, two are ATI cards, one is a desktop nVidia, one is a laptop nVidia, and the final one is a laptop Intel.

    The only thing I can think of that would be even close to what you just said is that the ATI Control Center requires the .net framework, which comes on many (possibly most) XP w/SP2 CDs.

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