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Thread: Startup Problem "C" drive window (Yes, "C" drive)

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    Default Startup Problem "C" drive window (Yes, "C" drive)

    For some strange reason, for the past couple of months every time I turn on my computer the "window" that opens when you normally click on "C drive" pops up. This "window" stays on my desktop and I have to close it before I can go about surfing the web. This happens every time I turn my computer on. And I have to close it every single time!

    How can I get this window to stop popping coming up when I turn on my computer? I may be able to do a "restore" to get it to stop but I really don't want to go that far back if I can help it. I'm afraid it will reverse too many other "good" things that I've possibly added since then.

    Is there some other way to get this "C" drive window to stop popping up every time I turn my computer on?

    I also have a second similar pop-up problem....a very small "AOL window" pops up in the upper left hand corner of my screen everytime I turn my computer on....and it has to be closed (by me) before I can proceed to surf the web. I had an AOL account about 3 years ago but now all I use is their Instant Messaging. In the center of this small window is my old AOL email if someone sent me an email....but I can't open it because I don't use AOL for emailing.

    Help me get rid of these two annoyances? I don't need this daily hassle!!
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