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Thread: "irql not less or equal" crash

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    I've been crashing with the above error message. I think it may be some kind of conflict with At Guard. Anyhone have similar experience?



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    What version of windows are you running and what dose at guard do? if it's non esentiall try uninstalling it, or if you know what you are doing you can play around with your irq's and set manual ones.
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    I had the same problem, try taking the side off ur case and see id that solves the problem. If so it is a temp porblem. if u haven't applied thermal compound to ur CPU before installing the heatsink try that. Let me know if this helps.


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    I'm running an Intel Pentium 3 850 chip overclocked to 975 with a golden orb cooler; abit be-7 mobo. OS windows XP Pro final.

    I tried taking out AtGuard, as well as opening the case. I still get the same crashes.

    Thanks for your help.


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    XP is fine if everything is "just right" - move a deckchair and she heels over and sinks! Eg. Change the slot in which a PCI card sits.

    Why move a card ? Motherboards share IRQs for specific slots. Eg. INT-A group shares IRQ with slot 2, AGP and ACR slots.

    XP can't cope sometimes when cards are moved/changed. (W98 is OK in these circumstances!)

    This is what I did in response to NOT .... IRQ EQUAL crash.
    3 cards in slots (including AGP card).
    Remove PCI TV card and boot XP. XP "sees" networked card has moved and assigns correct IRQ etc.
    Shutdown - install TV card in slot - reboot. XP sees TV card etc (XP assigns IRQs correctly ........................)

    I'm keen to hear more about XP buggy stuff expereinces and people's solutions. Eg. Why can't XP install off boot CD to a partition ? ................ (installs from W98 partition OK).

    I have a triple boot system with LINUX. None of these probs with LINUX!

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    I hat the exact same problem...i got new soundcard drivers and now it has never ever crashed once....if it still crashes then try and get the latest drivers for all of your hardware .... :) hope this helps
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    :flames: I get that far too often, my system also hangs randomly, when I look to see what my IRQ's are, I got a nasty shock.

    You will notice that all of the ISA devices have normal IRQ's

    ISA Devices

    0 System Timer
    1 Keyboard
    4 COM port 1
    6 Floppy Controller
    8 CMOS / RTC
    12 Mouse
    13 Numeric Data Processor
    14 Primary IDE
    15 Secondary IDE

    PCI Devices

    31 USB Host
    36 SCSI Card
    52 SB Live
    76 High Point UDMA66 Primary
    77 High Point UDMA66 Secondary
    128 GeForce 2 GTS

    I couldnt believe it either, this is the source of all evils, and I can't manually change any of the IRQ's, down to a sensible level, the IRQ's are rediculous.

    I have since tried doing a fresh install of XP, exactly the same thing happened.

    Does anyone have any idea's why, or if there is a registry hack I can do to manually change the device IRQ's

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    I had the same error. I fixed it by not overclocking. XP is very sensitive to overclocking. Don't say it's my drivers since all of my drivers are Microsoft-signed XP drivers. I also payed close attention to IRQ vs. slot and I have the best setup you can get (I had spent 4 months and close to 500 hours on getting my system setup to OC correctly under WIN98). I left slot 1 open and nothing shares any IRQs, not even my RAID controller. Best bet is to reset your BIOS to normal defaults, install latest BIOS and then try it. If it works, then give it a couple more weeks and then slowly overclock until you get the error. Good luck!


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