Hey All

I'm having an issue with one of my PC's running Windows 2000 Pro.

When it boots it loads through the BIOS with no issue, then goes to the next black screen with a load bar which gives you the option to F8 for more options, where the problem comes in is the next screen with the Windows 2000 logos. The load bar is instantly half loaded and this is where it stays, there is a thin line above this which moves about through the load process, this is moving which shows that it hasn't locked up. From here it just sits doing the same thing.

I have run into a similar issue with Win XP before which was a RAM fault, I have tried 4 different sticks of RAM in different slots and still get the exact same fault.

I can't think of what other peice of hardware would be creating an issue like this.

If anyone could shed some light or give me some news things to test that would be great.