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Thread: Dual Boot

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    Hello All,
    I want to have my computer dual boot. I will be using Windows XP pro for both boots. I don't have the XP disk, all i have is the Ghost back up (the respawn that Alienware sends).
    The reason is to have on boot for gaming and the other boot for daily use.

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    Are you asking how can you create a dual boot? If all you plan to do is have one for gaming and one for regular use I really do not see the point of a dual boot. Usually dual boot is for when you are running to different OS, say for legacy purposes or to try something new like Windows Vista. If you want to tweak one of the OS for "gaming" then you are better off creating two hardware profiles. Go to for how and why to do this. Also to create a dual boot you must have to partitions or two seperate hard drives. I do not think you can install two different OS on the same drive let only two versions of the same one. Plus even if you could there would be a ton of conflicts between the two. And to make a new partition I am pretty sure you have to erase the drive then partition, I am not aware of any utilities that allow you to create a partition and still keep the files.

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