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Thread: What is your opinion on retail xp pro compared to oem

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    Default What is your opinion on retail xp pro compared to oem

    I have used oem on almost all of my installs but the last one had a problem when the mobod went bad right away. When I installed the new mobod it wouldn't let me use the key because it was oem and it said a hardware change. Microsoft is not very understaning about this. What is your opinion on the matter?
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    Default Re: What is your opinion on retail xp pro compared to oem

    I have reactivated OEM verions of XP Home so I am not sure why they wouldn't do it considering it was for a hardware failure. Personally, I just use the XP Home upgrade version. I have an old Win 98se disk I use if I need to do a full fresh install and it can be activated an unlimited amount of times.
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    Default Re: What is your opinion on retail xp pro compared to oem

    Just call microsoft at the number they give you when you activate. You have the option of either online or over the phone activation. Choose phone and say what happened and they will activate it for you no problems. I had to do the same thing.

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    Default Re: What is your opinion on retail xp pro compared to oem

    OEM versions are just that. They are intended to be used on a specific hardware configuration, thus not transferable to new hardware. This is why OEM versions are sold at discount rates. This is also why you cannot take the copy of XP that came with a Dell and install in on an HP. Understand what it means to be OEM and this should not be surprising.

    A new mobo constitutes a major hardware change, and rightfully so. If you insist on using OEM versions, make damn sure everything works properly before activating it the first time. You never have to activate an install immediately; use the time given to ensure everything works properly and then activate.

    On the other hand, retail versions allow for significant hardware changes over time. Microsoft expects enthusiasts to change hardware periodically, it would be naive of them to think otherwise. I believe the activation on retail versions resets every 180 days, whereas OEM copies do not. So long as you only use one retail license per PC, you will never have a problem with activation that a simple phone call can't fix.

    Microsoft has every right to deny reactivation on an OEM license when the hardware has changed. Don't hold Microsoft responsible if you didn't understand what you were buying or how to use it properly.

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