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    I've put my baby together this afternoon and it looks perfect. I configured the bios and everything seems great, and my idle temps are low (31C on my AMD 64 3500+!!). The problem is, I've put in my disc to try to install windows XP home, and it says: "Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuation." It's been stuck there for about a half hour, and the only thing plugged into it is the keyboard, monitor, and power. The num lock and caps lock keys dont trigger the lights on my keyboard, so I fear that it's totally unresponsive. I've reset it a few times (and then left it for the last 30 mins), but it's getting nowhere. Help?

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    Well you guys, thanks for not responding at all. I spent hours troubleshooting, and finally after flashing the CMOS I got it all to run fine. You know, in case anyone else has this problem, you might actually be able to help. (Exception: DarthTanion, who was really very gracious.)

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    16 hours after your original post, which did not contain sufficient information, and you're mad that no one helped you? We help people based on our own free time just for the hell of it. We have no obligation nor motivation aside from our own good will to help you at all, so you've really no justification in complaining.

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    I think it was the excellent and informative "Help!!!" title of this thread that so eagerly enticed people to come read what was obviously going to be a well written post!

    What was I thinking? I should have known a thread titled "Help!!!" was going to develop into a stimulating troubleshooting conversation!

    What could have possibly come over me to think a thread titled "Help!!!" would have been started by some noob that wouldn't even know what kind of "Help!!!" he/she/it needs? Clearly I was mistaken! ...

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