Hey, I did like you all asked, and searched the archive for a similar post. No luck, so here I am, and here it goes.

My rig: Toshiba Satellite M-35X S131, Windows XP w/ Service Pack 2 [legal!], Intel Celeron processor-1.30GHz, 992Mb of RAM. [is this everything?] My internet access is by way of Mozilla Firefox, and I'm connected via WildBlue Satellite out here in northern Colorado.

Thanks to Mr. Ghazi's excellent "Tweaking Companion", and this site, I managed to reinstall Windows after a recent "Blue Screen of Death" episode, and my rig actually works better now, save for this one little thing.

About 15 minutes after getting the machine up and running, my "CPU Usage History" meter in Windows Task Manager mysteriously spikes hard into 100%, there's a quick chirping sound, and for 3-4 seconds the lower toolbar looks as if it was set in the "High Contrast" mode for people with visual impairments. Then, everything goes back to normal, and I'm fine. I've noticed, though, that if I had a favorite photo set as the desktop background prior to this event, it reverts to the [default?] rolling hillside one with the fluffy clouds in the background. [Fluffy clouds disturb me for reasons best suited to "self-medicating" forum boards!]

Also, Mr. Ghazi and crew, thanks for keeping this site up and running, as I'm sure you hear all the time! My buddy from Ct. was getting fed up with my endless phone calls!

Thanks in advance.