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Thread: System Overhaul

  1. Question System Overhaul

    Ok I have a dated system that I am going to do a little overhaulling on.
    I could use some help on setting up my partions for best speed / stablity
    my specs are:
    main sys
    win xp pro
    amd 1900xp
    1268mb ram
    gf 6600 gt agp 4x
    40gb ide hd
    80gb ide hd
    300gb scsi hd hooked up to pci scsi contoller

    2cnd sys
    xp pro
    700 mhz athalon
    1gb ram
    60gb hd

    now what I need is advice what I would like to do is set up a server that takes load off the main pc. and Iwould love to know how to setup my xp pro on one large dynamic disk that is all 3 hd's combinded setup with software striping. or are there better options?
    pls let me know what you would do.
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    Default Re: System Overhaul

    personally I don't like spanned HD's, it increases by 3 times (in your example) the chance of failure.

    I'll do a bit of braindump for ya

    I'd use the 40 G as the boot disk for your server - don't share files - 40 g is barely enough to run a server on, over time they slowly grab more HD space. It'll also make it easier to upgrade, swap motherboards later on in your servers life. So far my server has had at least 6 different motherboards with different chipsets and I haven't reinstalled win2003.

    I'd then use the 60 Gb HD as the "application" disk, this would be where you'd install your webserver, email server files, mysql databases, mssql databases etc.

    you could also share folders for data but if your going to use something like azerous (bit torrent) then I'd have it downloading to the 60 gb and then when the file sis completed, move it to 300 GB scsi

    the 300gb scsi should be your main file storage area also on your server, mainly because scsi hd are specifically designed to share files to multiple clients at once.

    for your main file server I'd recomend win2003 server, its probably the easiest one to get going for a beginer, don't bother with active directory, you don't need atm and its a resource hog

    services to run on server

    Azerous, emule - p2p software
    webserver software
    dynamic dns software - lets you translate dynamic ipaddress into format, so you can access your stuff.
    vnc - remote control, combined with the dynamic dns you can remote control your server, you can also use remote desktop.
    mailenable - email server software (free) run your own email server.
    wins - wins speeds up network browsing no configuration needed except to change your dhcp server to hand out the wins address.
    dhcp server - if your router's dhcp server is too limitted
    Ventrilo server - Voip server for gaming, free

    filesharing of course

    Servers work better with fixed ip's

    you don't need to set up all these services at once but you can add them over time.

    If you don't have/can't get win2003, this can be done on XP but you'll need more 3rd party apps and xp will only allow a maximum of 10 similtaneous connections.

    since your second PC is really old, a linux server would make the best use of your hardware, you'd have to install gui less interface and use something like webmin to control it, but it'd nice learning curve, it took me a night to work it out.

    win2003 server will work fairly well as a server but be very slow to boot up & log in.

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    Thanks for the advice kheld. Im definetely gong to be using a lot of the info. My goal is to use the main system as my personal main system and not as a server. I would be using the older machine as a server.

    I was wrong on a little piece of data on the 300gb hd its actualy a sata not a scsi. sorry.

    my main goal right now is getting my main system formated partioned, and setup to be more performance capapable. Not to say that Ive had problems with it. But I would like to set it up with a striping array to see if that improves performance. I was just curious on which hard drive would be best to use as the primary partion and what kind of partion I should use for the page file.

    after i get my main pc performing then im going to set up the server, with which btw im a bit of a noob on this so I will have to do lots of research.
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    its how I learnt - simply by playing with it.

    since the 300 g is sata - keep that in your main machine as it will be the fastest drive you have.

    striping won't improve your speed since all that means is the stripped drive runs slightly faster than the slowest drive in the array.

    but feel free to have a play :D thats what its all about.

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