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Thread: XP vs overclocking

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    Well I decided to upgrade my recently built machine from Win98 to XP Pro. Setup encountered 1 hitch in needing RAID drivers although the friggin OS tells me later that the drivers I have are newer than what it has. Why stop the setup without the drivers if you already have them??

    Anyway, that was it. Dual boot and all. 2 issues arose after the install. 1) Can't see the server and 2). Playing games for an undetermined time results in a Stop x0A. Oh joy!!

    1). Haven't fixed it yet, altho I did map a drive to \\ (server address). Never could find \\server or \\Server or \\SERVER. I did install NetBui and made sure I was in the right group, etc.

    2). This one got me for quite some time. I checked and rechecked every driver I had to make sure they were all signed or certified by Microsoft. It ended up being fixed when I flashed a new BIOS or when I reset all memory tweaks to safe. No more Stop errors:-) Seems XP is a bit twitchy when it comes to overclocking (hmmm....I wonder if Intel paid Microsoft to put a governor on AMD).

    Windows 98 has no problems whatsoever with me tweaking the BIOS. I even tweaked my Ti500 card to exceed the new geForce 4! I can't install Leadtek's new XP utility, so there goes tweaking the video card for now.


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    Win2k and XP are much more hardware sensative, so, yes, you probably will not get as high of an overclock as you did under 98.

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    I agree with Morgan... for instance when the Northwood Pentium 4's first came out all the PC's in the top 10 overclocks were running Windows ME :confused:

    Anything based on the Windows NT kernel is optimised for stability, not outright speed, so overclocking can't be pursued as aggressively I'm afraid :(
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