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Thread: Problem finding stuff on scecoundary harddrive

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    Talking Problem finding stuff on scecoundary harddrive

    Well windows vista crashed on me which was on a 250 gig hdd. I put all my music and movies on it. So i reinstalled windows vista on my 300 gig now when i got to retrive those movies or song i cant find them. It says 24.6 gigs free of 250 meaning it still on the hard drive but where. It use to me in my downloads. I have neve had this problem before Thanks for the Help!

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    Default Re: Problem finding stuff on scecoundary harddrive

    Oh yah my comp specs are:
    Amd fx-62
    2 8800gtxs
    700 watt gamer xtream
    250 watt power ex
    2 gigs ram i should havfe 4 but again my corsiar ram has fried????
    thermaltake case
    Coolit Liquid cooling system.
    300 gig sata
    250 gig ide Slow
    150 gig raptor

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    I've not played much with Vista, but some operating systems create a separate directory structure when you reinstall the OS. This could have happened to you. Look for something that doesn't really belong, like OLD WINDOWS or some such. As long as the current install is noting the space being allocated, the files should still be intact.
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    Default Re: Problem finding stuff on scecoundary harddrive

    Here are some freeware tools that you can try.

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    Default Re: Problem finding stuff on scecoundary harddrive

    Sounds like a classic case of file/folder ownership same as in XP, I don't have Vista to try these but it appears to be the same, have a look at the Microsoft/Google links below.

    Microsoft Link

    Google Link
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