I've toyed around with this computer a little bit and haven't been able to figure out what's wrong with it, so i figured i'd ask some people who know a lot more than me.
I'm currently using a computer with windows xp SP2. I'm having problems with two different things, windows media player, and msn messenger. Windows media will not let me update, I am stuck on windows media player 9, which i would be fine with, except currently, the visual does not work, all i get is the sound when i try to watch dvds. Could this be a codec problem?
My problem with msn messenger is that I cannot update it to windows live messenger, when i try it says something about "could not get access to this key, make sure you have access: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MEdiaPlayer\ UIPlugins\{0776F107-F5A6-404B-9A78-7027FA6EAADD}

^ that is the key it talks about. From looking at that key, I do believe i have a problem stemming in media player that is screwing up other parts of my computer. Any ideas? I've done a registry cleaner, I've used adaware and spybot search and destroy. I've gotten rid of lots of corrupted registries and such with these three things, but only one critical issue through adaware. I've tried the little bit that i understand, but i've had no luck. Please someone help.