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Thread: Laptop: Migrating XP to Vista (programs & data)

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    Default Laptop: Migrating XP to Vista (programs & data)


    I have a Thinkpad T42 that is desperately low on disc space so I can't upgrade ti Vista on the existing disc. I have tried Apricorn's cloning software but come up with the "Bad_Pool_Header" error that seems to defy explanation or fixing. So.....

    I have a new 160G hard drive in a little USB caddy and the existing internal 30G HD on the Thinkpad. Do I install Vista on the 160 G HD and then.... somehow migrate the programs and data onto that? I have read the Vista migration instructions, but is seems to need two computers, and it seems to be the same with "Windows Easy Transfer".

    Any ideas?


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    Default Re: Laptop: Migrating XP to Vista (programs & data)

    use the easy transfer via the vista disk and copy all your files to the 160 G HD - your "second computer" is actually the first one, after we blow it away and install vista onto it.

    also since your HD is small - copy the files off it to the USB drive. (do this in preference to above since something could go wrong with the wizard and then you've lost your data)

    once you've confirmed that your files are on the usb drive, disconnect it and put away until after you've got vista running.

    next step is to boot from the vista dvd - hit f12 or change the options in the bios to boot from cd first

    you want to do a clean install & format the drive (under drive options in the vista wizard) - otherwise you'll not achieve anything by the process.

    all your programs will have to be reinstalled - most can't be run just by copying the files. (a lot of games can thou)

    finally after you've got vista installed, you can run the easy transfer thingy to restore your files

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