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Thread: Blue Screen Of Death.. can't boot up

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    Default Blue Screen Of Death.. can't boot up

    I recently bought a new Razer Deathadder because my old one's mousewheel was messed up. I uninstalled it and had some trouble installing it. I'm guessing the firmware was still somehow on my machine and causing issues so I had to get into safe mode and update the firmware so it could match the latest build. Ever since that I can't reboot normally, it takes about 10 reboots or more to get into Windows XP without a BSOD.

    The BSOD message is "MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION".. then it mentions newly installed hardware and how it could be a problem. The mouse definitely works and it has it's latest updates. Right now I'm in Safe Mode and was wondering about any workarounds.

    I have a thread in the Memory section and was wondering if my faulty memory could have anything to do with these sudden errors.

    The BSOD happens immediately during the Windows XP logo loading screen. The progress bar scrolls across about 5 times, then freezes and up comes the BSOD displaying the error I typed above. I've tried unplugging the mouse USB slot and booting up, but to no avail. I was wondering if I had to reinstall my Nforce Chipset and reload the USB drivers or something. I'm running out of ideas and I'd hate to reformat for something like this.

    My system:
    Windows XP Pro x32
    Intel Q6600 @ 3Ghz
    OCZ 2GB Platinum SLI PC2-8500 @ 667Mhz (any higher and I will get page fault error BSOD's and instability)
    Antec NEO 550W HE
    Asus P5N32-E SLI 680i motherboard with the 1203 BIOS and latest chipset drivers
    Nvidia 8800GTS 640MB
    X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Sound Card

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Default Re: Blue Screen Of Death.. can't boot up

    Take the X-Fi out and see if your problems persist.

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    Default Re: Blue Screen Of Death.. can't boot up

    Actually, I just uninstalled the Nforce Chipset and Nvidia drivers.. and it boot up fine. My guess is the USB drivers had to be reloaded or something. Pretty weird. Thanks for the help though.

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