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Thread: Serious problem deleting file...

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    Default How do I get rid of this file?

    I created a 6 GB self-extracting archive with 7 zip and transferred it to my laptop. After it extracted all of the data properly, the exe stubbornly remains on the system only Windows doesn't show it. It's still occupying a large sum of space. I put it in the Recycle Bin and used CCleaner to do Gutmann secure file deletion and it always stops on the 6 GB file. I don't know if it's still in the Recycle Bin (which claims to be empty), in the System's white space or somewhere else but it always shows when I defrag or attempt a secure swipe via CCleaner.

    Could someone help me remove this file?

    If it helps, I can give its extension, (94 Chars long)
    C\:$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-2860960500-3714915775-1950170091-1000\$RUPTZUB\Bethesda Softworks.exe
    but again, the Recycle Bin has the empty Icon on my desktop so it may be on white space.
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    Default Re: Serious problem deleting file...

    I have a few suggestions. First go into control panel, folder options and then the View tab, click "Show Hidden files and folders", and Uncheck "Hide protected OS files"

    Then go into C, and you will see the $Recycle Bin folder, go inside of it and delete all folders. Then close the window and open it again and in C delete the WHOLE $Recycle Bin folder itself. This will delete all deleted files, and then the second time will delete the just deleted files again and the recycle bins space it used, and the folder. It will be replaced again by the system do not worry about deleting the system folder for $Recycle Bin.

    If that does not work, right click the Recycle bin and choose properties, then set the MAX size allowed to 1MB and reboot and see if the files remain.

    If none of the above works for you, download this app called unlocker. Install it (When installing Uncheck "Assistant" >>>

    Then again go to the C drive, and right click the $Recycle Bin Folder and choose Unlocker then select Delete, and if asked Choose delete on reboot

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