Have one of those obnoxious versions of Vista that does not have group policy editor? Well so do I. I tried that Bootpro program and managed to destroy my boot sector, ended up restoring an image rather than try and repair.

So I searched again 1/2 an hour later when i finally finished. I actually would rather press f8 than watch that annoying program at EVERY boot.
Took me all of 2 seconds to find the correct fix for this. Doesn't it always seem to work out that way? Here it is.

Open up your C:\Windows\Inf directory. find the file called Sceregvl.inf. make a back up and save it somewhere safe. I placed mine under my pillow. open the file in notepad. Under the first heading [Register Registry Values], copy and paste the following:

MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Driver Signing\Policy,3, "Devices: Unsigned driver installation behavior",3,0|
DriverSigning0="Silently succeed ",1|"Warn but allow installation",2|"Do not allow installation"

simply save that file with the changes you have made and close it. Open the "run" box, type the following, "regsvr32 scecli.dll" (no quotes), press enter and VOILA. you can now enjoy all those apps which microsft had no intetion of allowing.

This enables Vista to operate in the "Warning" category as in xp. So you will be asked if you want to install an unsigned driver. I installed AtiTool immediately after I applied this tweak and it works perfect.