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Thread: shutdown issue

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    My Girlfriends computer is being a *****, when you go to shut down and tell it to turn off, the bloody thing just reboots, i have tried manythings and cant get it to piss off, i figure it will be simple, but anyhoo

    i set it so that apm was disabled and it happily acted like any normal non-apm install would, it sat at the screen that says its now safe to turn off your computer, all good

    switch it back to normal and it will just reset instead of turning off.
    i F5'd this install so its not like i havent tried to get it goin

    system is:

    Ath XP 1800+
    Iwill XP333
    256 Samsung DDR at DDR333
    IBM 40Gb HDD
    Hercules 3D Prophet III TI 200
    Intel Pro/100+ NIC
    Sony CDRW 32x12x8

    shoot me suggestions

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    Have you looked into the power setting in the bios? Perhaps something there is amiss and that's what's causing the problem.

    Ask your GF how/when this started happening, maybe she thinks she did nothing to it, but she may have changed a setting or two. If this has been going on the entire time she has owned the computer I would say look at MOBO jumper setting, BIOS settings, and XP settings, there should be something obvious that won't take long to find once you look.
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