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Thread: Is Vista Ultimate 64-bit worth $65?

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    Default Is Vista Ultimate 64-bit worth $65?

    I just recently installed Vista Business 32-bit on my newly upgraded system (Phenom x4 9950BE, 2 GB RAM, HD4830 graphics card). I got Vista Business for free from my university's MSDNAA program since the price was right. Then, the other day I came across this site:

    Microsoft Office Discount for US Students -The Ultimate Steal- Office 2007 Software for $59.95

    where I am eligible to get Vista Ultimate 64-bit for $65. Is it worth the money? As far as I know, the only difference between Vista Business and Vista Ultimate is the inclusion of Media Center in Ultimate. At the moment, I do not have a TV Tuner card so there is no real need for the Media Center part (besides, there is plenty of other free media center software available). So, I guess it comes down to deciding if 64-bit is worth $65 or should I just wait until Windows 7?

    (I would also upgrade to 4 GB RAM if I go 64-bit so add another $29.)

    Lastly, how much drive space does Ultimate take?
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    Default Re: Is Vista Ultimate 64-bit worth $65?

    It might be something to consider.

    You should notice an increase in speed. 4gigs of ram with 64bit = all joy, but if you can't easy want to pay for the upgrade in ram and the money for ultimate I would say skip it.

    But for $65 it's a great deal.
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    Default Re: Is Vista Ultimate 64-bit worth $65?

    In an nutshell, no. Ultimate is chock full of features almost noone uses. Vista Business is fine for most people. If you have no plans on using the media center, then stick with what you have and spend the extra on ram and go 64 bit with the current COA key you re using.
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