Hi All,

I'll try and explain this as best as possible.

I am running Windows 2003 Server with SP1 and have been for about 3 months now with no issues at all.

About 3 weeks ago I started having issues with my server speed over the network and downloading speeds on the internet.

Before the issues I was able to copy from the Server to my main computer (Windows Vista Home Premium) at approx 55-60 MB/s now I can only copy at approx 13-15MB/s (It happened when I was extracting .RAR files over the network at about 30MB/s then it slowed to 5-7MB/s I just thought it was my computer or the server, I restarted both, nothing happened, restarted the switch, modem, tried different network cables and still the same issue)

From the picture above it shows that copying over the network seems to be somehow limited and choppy (which it never used to be) Copying is going from 5MB/s up to 14 MB/s and then drops again

The issue is both with Copying over the LAN and downloading from the Internet.

The problem when downloading from the internet is that it seems each connection is limited to approx 35 KB/s here is a screenshot of what I mean (this is a screenshot of 3 different files downloading with 10 connections per file from Megaupload downloading with Flashget)

If I download the file in Internet explorer it is limited to approx 35 KB/s as well (so its not the download manager)

Most people have told me to check my internet connection or the site that I am downloading from but thats not the issue, if i pause those downloads then start them on my computer (Exact same links within 30 seonds) they will download at max connection speed (Approx 2,200 KB/s)

Like I said this has been going on for about 3 weeks now and nothing new has been installed (apart from Windows auto updates) The server is not used for internet surfing, the only thing that is used on the internet is a download manager and windows auto updates.

Copying from 1 HDD to another HDD in the server copy's at 70 - 80 MB/s so its not a HDD issue.

Any suggestions would be great.