Hi new here & was searching & found some info here about this. I currently run
2x2gigs Corsair XMS2 PC6400(@1000Mhz)
2x160gig/16meg cache SATA2 WD drives in Raid-0

Now only thing I'm changing is the harddrives ... moving up to 2x500gig/32meg buffer WD drives ...

Now I de-clocked cpu/mem/fsb to stock ... set mem timings to Auto ... pulled one of the sticks of ram so only 2gigs during install(even tho i have vista SP1 disc) did all the tricks ... install BSODs after initial install & 1st reboot .. comes back to complete installation & hangs & BSODs after a bit .... or just hangs there .... for like an hour ...

Board is using the ICH9R south bridge & I'm assuming its the issue ... since the only thing changed is drives ...

Anyone have some insight into this I'd really appreciate it ... thanks in advance cheers